hello, my name is pai! i'm a digital illustrator from the philippines who enjoys creating dreamlike illustrations in saturated detail.

en / tag OK, 日本語を勉強中です

my main interests are gaming, fashion, and occult research (currently into sleep science and palmistry)!

始めまして、パイと呼んでください! オカルト研究とゲエムが大好きフィリピンのデジタルイラストレーターです。よろしくお願いします!


please don't repost / qrt my art, even with credits unless personally allowed to do so.

this account is a safe space for all aces! 💜🖤 please always remember that you are valid and accepted!

IMPORTANT sometimes i tend not to see notifs / dms so if it's very urgent, please drop me a message at my email instead.


what programs / graphic tablet do you use?
i mainly use use clip studio paint + lightroom for post-processing on an ipad pro!

how long have you been drawing? are you currently studying art?
been drawing forever but started dabbling in digital 5 years ago! currently taking up a fine arts course in uni.

can i use your artwork as my icon/header?
you can but please put proper credits to me on your bio! if you see anyone who used / reposted my art without credits, please inform me on the matter.

do you take nsfw / design / background commissions?
the answer is yes to all three! please dm for more information.

what are occult studies,,
research on parapsychology and supernatural phenomena. disclaimer i'm not a believer nor do i practice but i find studying it fascinating!

you're not as active as you used to be..
yes i used to scream more on all my accounts but i eventually became an old woman with 0 art HP

reccomend me anything
i will live and die by mint chocolate and sausage cheese

commission info


Fill up the request form in my carrd (if link is up). if my commissions are open and i choose to accept your request, i will contact you through the email / social media you have provided.

alternatively (in case the form is down) DM either through Twitter or email ([email protected]). Commission requests through other social media will be disregarded.


your choice of canvas size, PNG/jpeg

default sizing is a 1:1 ratio for icon to waist size, 7:8 for full illustrations

Background will be a plain single color unless specified otherwise. this may mean a change in price, however.

Commissions may either be in flat color or painterly. please refer to style samples for more detail.

In general, pricing for painterly > flat color for all sizes

price table

all prices below are in usd ($) and are base prices for each size / style.

sizeflat color stylepainterly style
full illustration (plain background)80100
full illustration + background work150180

commercial fees are separate. if you are interested in working with me for commercial work, prices will be further discussed.

Additional Pricing:
All prices listed are base prices and may go up with the amount of complexity requested. The fee for complexity will be decided by the artist.

Additional figures will be (+ 50%) of the original cost of the artwork size

Sample pricing:
Request: flat color bust of 2 characters + detailed bg
flat color bust (+ additional character)- $30 + 30(.50)
= $45
Detailed bg (additional) = $15
TOTAL = $60

PROCESS + NOTES (please read fully):

Fill out the commission request form in my carrd.

If I accept the commission, I will get back to you through email . social media as soon as possible and give a price quote. We will also discuss the request and pricing.

Send payment to my Paypal email. Other modes of payment will NOT be accepted.

I will start working on the piece once payment has been received. Progress shots will be given upon request. A first come first served queue will be followed, and you will be informed of your order.

Major revision requests can only be taken up until the base color stage.

I finish the piece and send it through email/ dm (Google drive link).


All commissions are for personal use. unless obtained permission, please do not reproduce nor sell my work.

Copyright to the commissioned work as well as the preliminary stages of the design will be retained by me, reserving the right to reproduce and publish the work.

style samples

more samples in my instagram!
@paipitations - for flat color style
@paidrops - for painterly style

nsfw work will not be shown here as a privacy policy. these samples may only serve as a guide for styles.

flat color / LINEART STYLE
flat color style - detailed lineart + base color

painterly style
fully painted render, no lineart

all samples in painterly style

design spreads
all samples are original designs in flat color style